We were excited to get a Helm out to Micah Lee, noted privacy and security expert who has played an important role in increasing our awareness about corporate and government surveillance.

Micah wrote a great review that was published at The Intercept. He starts off by noting the realities of using 3rd party hosted services, writing, "When you use services like Gmail, Mail.ru, Facebook, Dropbox, Slack, or any other site that stores your data, they will hand your private information to governments when compelled to do so and in some cases, merely when asked. ... When your personal data is stored on a company’s servers, as with the email in your Gmail account, there are no technical barriers to the host company sharing it when it sees fit."

Noting that, "If you want an email account that’s actually private, one solution is to run your own email server from your house," Micah goes on to recgonize that, "Until now, this hasn’t been a viable option for most people: Not only would you need an extra computer to act as a home email server, but you’d also need enough system administration skills to install, configure, and secure this server."

Micah found Helm extremely easy to get up and running, summarizing, "For being basically a sophisticated product for hosting your most private data — where there are many opportunities to screw up — Helm’s technical choices and business model are surprisingly well-thought-out. All you need is internet access at your home and an iPhone or Android phone to configure it."

Micah continues his piece by doing a deep product and technical dive into how things work and his experiences. We recommend you check it out to learn more about making the switch.

Read the full review from Micah here - Avoid Surveillance With Helm, A Home Server Anyone Can Use To Keep Emails Truly Private