You asked, we listened! We are pleased to announce the launch of several new features and updates to Helm. Customers can now manage multiple domains, setup email aliasing, and easily manage multiple users on Helm. Use the latest version of the Helm app to access these features.

Multi-User Management Made Easy

Account Administrators can now manage multiple users from a single device and app. Administrators can easily create multiple email accounts, delete secondary user accounts, and manage password creation and resets using a single device and app. Secondary users are no longer required to download the Helm app or proximity-sync to Helm, and Administrators don't need to download and delete the Helm app when adding or managing multiple users.

Unlimited Domains & Email Accounts

Customers can now use and manage multiple email domains using Helm. Bring as many domains to your Helm as you like. Unlike many cloud-based services, Helm allows you to add as many domains and create as many email addresses as you need at no additional cost. Helm does not limit the number of managed domains or email addresses or charge for service based on the number of domains or emails managed like many cloud-based solutions.


Helm now supports the use of two different types of aliasing. Customers can direct several email addresses to a single account enabling users to manage multiple email addresses in one inbox. For example, you can create, as aliases and direct them to your personal inbox at If you decide you no longer want communication coming from those aliases, you can simply delete the aliases in the Helm app.

We will continue to support the alias feature that allows customers to use an existing email address as a base ( to quickly create disposable email addresses on ( This type of aliasing allows you to create disposable email addresses in the moment without updating or changing your account. It is a great alternative when you need an email address for websites or individuals but don't want to share your main email address. It can also help you track and manage which mailing lists you appear on.

To access these new features and the new version of the Helm app, download the update from the App Store for your iOS or Android device. These apps require the latest firmware update (1.653), which will be automatically pushed to your Helm. You may see the firmware update processing in your Helm in your app. This update takes approximately 35 minutes and requires no action by you.

Enjoy these new features and let us know what you think. As always, we welcome your feedback and are excited to continue developing Helm with your help.

For questions or help with the new features, please contact