A strong 4.5 star rating after putting the Helm Personal Server through its paces.

Mashable Tech Correspondent, Jack Morse, writes about the perpetual scandals regarding consumer data protection, privacy, and security caused by tech giants Facebook, Apple, and Amazon.

Morse writes, “It has become increasingly clear that almost every action you take — be it online or off — is collected, categorized, and sold by entities that never had your best interests at heart. But it doesn't have to be that way.”

Because Morse is a strong advocate for consumer data protection and privacy, we sent him a Helm Personal Server to dissect and judge. Morse spent time testing and using Helm and gave it a solid 4.5 star Mashable rating. He highlighted its qualities including super simple setup, sleek design, encrypted backups, expandable storage, and the ability to own your own data. He writes, “This is a great product that’s intuitive to use, and puts you in control of your own data.”

In his review, Morse went on to say:

“The device [Helm]… is a personal email server for your home… That’s right, with Helm you both own and control your emails.”

“The Helm's plug-and-play simplicity means that even a less-than-tech-literature individual can get things up and running in no time. Which is great. Privacy shouldn't be limited to those with specialized technical capabilities.

We couldn't agree more that personal data privacy and security should be accessible to every individual regardless of their technical proficiency. This is at the heart of Helm's design - ease of use and turnkey management - and we continue to work on app and system updates to provide customers with a streamlined experience.

“The Helm does many things right, both philosophically and technically. The practically plug-and-play email server makes it not only possible, but relatively easy, to take back control of your email — and, by extension, your digital life — in a real way.”

“Importantly, Helm doesn't scan the content of your emails for advertising purposes. According to the company, the entire device and service is designed with privacy in mind.”

“If you're ever find yourself thinking that it's past time you take back control of your data, Helm might just be the right place to start.”

Read Jack Morse’s review on Mashable, Review: the Helm personal email server puts you in control of your data.