Bloomberg writer Max Chafkin decided to switch off Gmail for his personal email and use Helm.

Max highlights some of the key advantages of having your own personal server, noting, "Privacy is another draw. The server’s data can’t be tapped by, say, Google to form a sprawling psychological profile aimed at selling you stuff you don’t need. And if the police want to read your emails, they have to come to your house with a court order instead of emailing one to Mountain View, Calif."

With all of the news about big tech and privacy issues, Max writes, "...stories about tech companies’ violations of privacy do have me thinking about a scenario that once seemed unimaginable: life without Gmail. Google, after all, has been repeatedly accused of improperly collecting user data."

Starting to use Helm for his email helped Max become more privacy conscious about his decisions and activities online. He shares how "the experience of having my data sitting there in a little box on my desk where I could keep an eye on it was weirdly thrilling, and I soon noticed changes in how I thought about other services, especially Google’s search engine. A few weeks later, I found myself resisting the urge to search the web for information about a family member’s serious medical problem, realizing that this query would inevitably go in the tech company’s profile of me, leading to the inevitable pharmaceutical ads and who knows what else."

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